Terms and Conditions


The FIRST PARTY hereby makes known its interest in recruiting Pakistani workers of different skills and categories through the SECOND PARTY.
The FIRST PARTY hereby agrees to comply with the rules and regulations being implemented by the Immigration Department of Pakistan regarding the employment of Pakistani workers.
The FIRST PARTY authorized the SECOND PARTY to act in its behalf to finalize all the documentation concerning the visa of the FIRST PARTY and to comply in its behalf with all the concerned Departments of Pakistan rules and regulations in the recruitment of Pakistani workers.


The FIRST PARTY shall faithfully comply with all the terms and conditions set forth in the contract of employment of its hired workers.
The FIRST PARTY shall exert all possible efforts to enhance the welfare and protection of the Pakistani workers hired under this recruitment counteract in accordance with the labor laws of its country.
THE FIRST PARTY shall provide the following documents to the SECOND PARTY to complete the documentation required by the DEPARTMENT LABOR, Pakistan:

1. Demand Letter
2. Power of Attorney
3. Electronic Wakala (KSA)
4. Visa Slip copy
5. Company CR copy.
6. Kafeel ID Card copy. (KSA)


The SECOND PARTY shall provide the FIRST PARTY status of the mobilization of the hired workers under every Saturday of the week.
The SECOND PARTY shall assist the hired applicants to obtain necessary travel permits and clearances from the Pakistani government offices concerned.
The SECOND PARTY shall ensure the departure of hired workers on time in accordance with prior arrangement.


The SECOND PARTY hereby guarantees the work performance of the hired workers during the probationary period of three (3) months and shall shoulders the return ticket of any worker found not competent, physically and mentally qualified for the job they are recruited for.


The FIRST PARTY shall pay the SECOND PARTY the following:-
Cost of Ticket as per actual invoice or PTA from the Company or candidate will pay as compromised by both parties.
Cost of Protector, Enjaz Registration, and Visa Stamping Fee of Saudi Consulate & Misc. Taxes will be PKR. 40,000/- (USD 400 approx).
Service Charges: US$ 500/- per person. Either paid by the company or by the candidate as compromised by both parties.
Advertisement Charges: Either will be divided among the candidates or company will pay.


This recruitment contract takes effect from September ____, 2012 and will remain in force until and otherwise cancelled, revoked, amended and/or terminated by either of the parties through a thirty (30) days notice period.
It is understood that in case of the termination of this recruitment contract above stated, the Contract of Employment of the workers recruited under this agreement shall remain unaffected and shall be binding and enforceable between parties in accordance with the terms thereof.


The Recruitment Agency shall conduct himself at all time in a manner that will not cause embarrassment of the prejudicial to the interests of the employer. If the Employer has any reason to believe that this agreement has been broken in any way or from by the recruitment agency, this agreement will be terminated and financial penalties be imposed.

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